A Glass & Light Collaboration

Shadow Puppetry & Glass Projection.

I have long been inspired by Alan Davis’s beautiful stained & painted glass since working in a neighbouring studio some 15 years ago. When devising shadow theatre I frequently borrowed fragments of coloured and textured glass to discover their optical effects when light was projected & refracted through. We have both been so excited & impressed by the results that we now want to research and develop ways in which to bring our two art forms together in both shadow theatre performances and light installations.

We recently made a start with Alan teaching me the techniques of painting on glass. The preliminary results when projected through a Magic Lantern were in themselves magical & richly evocative of fairy tales. Consequently a theme/story we are keen to explore is ‘the Snow Queen’ which besides its haunting imagery & symbolism contains many references to light, ice & glass (the shattered mirror fragments that distort peoples’ view of the world).

A Gallery of Alan Davis’s Glass

Below is a cross section of work that includes ecclesiastical windows, exhibition panels and kiln formed glass pieces.  Click on images to enlarge



A Gallery of Vivify’s Shadow Theatre and Installations